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I updated today a few packages (Audio Station, PhpMyAdmin, MariaDB) and installed the new update for the Synology.


Now when i try to connect to the web interface nothing happens except this message "Sorry the page you are looking for is not found".

All the other function like PhpMyAdmin and SVN works fine.

Thank you for your help.

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downgrade stap:

1、login by console use root



1、"cd /etc.defaults" press key "ENTER"

2、"vi VERSION" press key "ENTER"


3、press key "i" then change minorversion="1" and buildunumber="5021" <--not "5022"

then input ":w" press key "ENTER" an input ":q" press key "ENTER"

4、reboot the synology

5、select install/upgrade


6、open Synology Assistant to install the DSM-5.1-5022

7、after this stap,you now can view web gui

8、now you can find the smb is broken

9、to repair the smb is easy ,just open the web gui and open the console


1、uncheck the windows file service then press apply

2、check the windows file service and press apply again,to restart windows file service

after this you synology is downgrade to 5022.


I just come from China,so my English is not will,thanks.

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I already renamed the file name to "DSM_DS3615xs_5700.pat" but it said "You must use the .pat of 5565 or later version.(10) "

any advise?


First use the VERSION file hack method. My HP N36L XPENology's (root) password didn't work after 2nd update attempt and i had many segmentation faults.

The file renaming method works only via webpage (in install/upgrade mode) and not works in Synology Assistant. I tested it 5 times. :wink:

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