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  1. Yeah I tried looking for something similar but couldn't find it. I've managed to fix it, the md125 array in the mdstat output above looked unusual, so I tried synospace --stop-all-spaces (something like that) and then removed the md125 array and added the drive from it (sda1) to the system array (md0), restarted and it all works fine! I'm just getting odd behaviour with a notification every 5 minutes saying "The mail system is currently not in a normal status" even though email notifications deliver just fine, but it's not the end of the world and I'm sure I'll figure it out
  2. I've tried upgrading from DSM 6 to DSM 6.1.1 (loader v1.01 to v1.02a2). When booting with the new loader, I chose the migration option which installed the new version of DSM. I had no network but I was able to fix it by using a serial connection to copy /lib/modules/update to /lib/modules like suggested in a previous post. Everything is up and running, and my data is there, but I'm getting this weird behaviour in DSM: /proc/mdstat: Personalities : [linear] [raid0] [raid1] [raid10] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [raidF1] md2 : active raid5 sda3[0] sde3[2] sdc3[4] sdb3[1] 8776333632
  3. I think I'm doing something similar to what you want - I mount my volume1 using NFS as my storage is managed by FreeNAS and not Xpenology - I only use Xpenology to take advantage of the software like Photo Station. To get this to work, set up a small volume1 (I have a 3GB one) to act as a dummy. Then SSH in to your xpenology box, and open /etc/rc in vim. Find the line that says "# checking and Mounting filesystem(s) ..." Comment out the next couple of lines so it looks like: # checking and Mounting filesystem(s) ... #/usr/syno/bin/synobootseq --set-check-fs >/dev/null 2>&a
  4. jamie

    Working DSM 6

    Sorry I meant I use NFS to mount volume1 on my current Xpenology project, not DockerDSM. It's because I moved away from Synology Hybrid Raid to my own BTRFS RAID running on an Ubuntu Server, but I still wanted to use the Synology DSM frontend and packages, so I just mount a folder on my BTRFS filesystem into the Xpenology VM and I'm good to go I'll have a play around with this again today or tomorrow and get back to you
  5. jamie

    Working DSM 6

    This is what I was looking into trying last night - my ultimate aim is to be able to run DSM inside a Docker container on my Ubuntu host, at the moment I'm using a VM and a boot script to replace volume1 with a NFS mount (yes it actually works somehow). I managed to inspect the container created by DockerDSM last night and get the volume mounts and environment variables, but I gave up after I couldn't get DockerDSM itself working, so I thought it would be pointless trying to get it working on another host. However now you guys have got it working on DSM, I might give this a go again and fe
  6. Hi all, So I'm using TVHeadend and a KWorld UB499-2T TV tuner. With 5.1, this setup was working absolutely fine, but having updated to 5.2 it's no longer working. In tvheadend, it shows that it recognises the KWorld UB499-2T tuner but also 2x afatech af9033 tuners which I don't have in my system. When doing any kind of scan in TvHeadend or Synology Video station, it just complains about there being no signal. Any ideas?
  7. This is excellent news. Would be nice throughout the process though to get beta versions up, I feel as especially with 5.2 and the kernel changes, user testing could have been helpful? Thanks for all of your hard work though dev team, it's much appreciated. I am considering donating, but I usually only donate to open source projects!!
  8. Thanks, that fixed my Crashplan
  9. Yeah I can't access it either :/ Waiting for an update from the devs
  10. It would be nice to get an update from a developer at this point on the status of an Xpenoboot for 5.2
  11. Upgrading to 5.2 doesn't work on the current version of Xpenoboot, you'll need to wait for a new version.
  12. "An update to CloudStation is now available" This.... this can only mean one thing... 5.2 is out!!! *checks synology.com* Hell yeaaaaahhh, can't wait for Xpenology to support this!
  13. jamie


    I've come up with a temporary solution yesterday. Whilst we wait for Docker support and 5.2, I've added http://spk.synologyitalia.com/ to my package sources and installed "VirtualBox XPE Edition". Then I've created an Ubuntu Server virtual machine and installed rTorrent/ruTorrent on that
  14. If it's a patch you'll need to wait for the latest version to be patched. There are some license keys floating around on these forums if you'd rather not patch surveillance station