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  1. hope it can help you. https://wrgms.com/synologys-secret-telnet-password/
  2. you can test change DSM boot iso to 5022.3
  3. then when you see the blue screen,you press the down arrow to move.
  4. no,you can't ,you must do that by ilo console or plug Monitor to vga port to console the server
  5. i use 5022.3 you do this in vm? Sorry VM ?? what is this Total noob at this sorry You are using the ILO to control it?
  6. i use 5022.3 you do this in vm? vm=Virtual Machines
  7. if not vm,you can do this through "iLO Integrated Remote Console".
  8. before you type :w,you must press ESC thats that bit sorted but still cant move down to install the tab doesn't work and neither does down arrow even tried the Letter D when you see the blue screen,you must press down arrow fast.
  9. hongong3

    Help- downgrade - OK with losing data

    after downgrade,you can access webgui