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Want to verify HDD upgrade process.


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I want to upgrade my HDDs from 2TB to 3TB drives. I looked on the normal way to upgrade drives and it consists of powering the system down and replacing one drive at a time.


Is there any difference for us and our DIY Synology way?


I currently only have 2 drives in it with redundancy.


Thanks so much!

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I did this on Weekend with my N40L (4 Drives with one Disk redundancy)

I Shut down the System and replaced the OLD disk.

Then I start the machien and in Webinterface I checked : Repair Volume.


It tooks 14hours (First hours a Volume Check, last hours the Disk expanding)


I Used XPEnoboot 5.1-5022.3 (03/03/2015)

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Ok so obviously I shut it down, since I have two drives I take out the one and replace with new one.


The question is after the system rebuilds then I have to do the other drive right?


Thanks again, just do not want to break anything.

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