Start adding disks with plan to epxand storage

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Hi guys,

i am new to the xpenology game.


My System:

Server with ESXi 6.7


Quad Core AMD CPU

1 TB SSD for VMs

4 Bay

4x4 TB WD Red Plus (WD40EFRX)



I followed the instructions of this thread "Tutorial: Install DSM 6.2 on ESXi 6.7"

Worked great.


Now i am struggeling with hard disk management.


Because it's an esx server platform i don't want to give the dsm vm the hole 11 GB datastore storage.


I played a litlle with the storagepool and volume settings but can't find the right method.


I only need/want 1 volume so that the shares are not so clustered over many volumes.


How do i proceed if i only want 3 TB at the beginning and at more storage later if i need some?

I tried to expand the disk in the esx vm settings but can't expand the disk in dsm.


So, can someone explain a good or best method for my target scenario?

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For me, I used SHR instead of the typical RAIDx configurations. Anytime I need to increase the storage pool, I just add another drive to the pool.  SHR is no longer a choice in the defaults. You'll need to SSH and modify the /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf file.

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@seb0p how you are trying to allocate your storage isn't exactly how DSM intends for you to use it.  DSM's purpose is to manage physical disks for redundancy and performance.  Instead you are tasking ESXi with the storage management role and only using DSM for access.


The preferable solution is to pass through your storage controller to the DSM VM, or RDM certain drives on the storage controller to DSM.  Then everything works as expected.


If your use case requires that you use scratch storage and virtual disks, you have a couple of choices.  1) create multiple identical vdisks as you want to grow and then RAID them in DSM.  Again, this is suboptimal from a performance and data redundancy perspective.  Or, 2) you can allocate a single vdisk and grow it.  Unfortunately the disk management tools in DSM are not anticipating such a scenario (as it is not possible without running XPEnology in a virtual environment) so the procedure to grow the vdisk is manual.


This thread will help, but I really recommend you consider giving DSM access to your physical disks.

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