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  1. May I ask a little help, please?
  2. Thanks for the great tool! Successful created the pendrive with a DS3617XS and 1.03b, it boots BUT doesn't connect to the network. I used this HP Compaq 8200 Elite Convertible Minitower PC before as a Xpenology box (DS3615XS with 1.02b), would like to give it to one of my friend. If I'm booting from an Ubuntu pendrive, it able to connect to the network, so I think it is not cards fault. Also tried DS3615XS with 1.02b with the same results. What did I do wrong?
  3. Meanwhile I discussed with a datacenter / virtualisation and a data restore expert. From their point of view (and based on their experiences) the SW RAID is the worst option, but they aren't working with Xpenology instead Windows clusters etc. So it still cause me a headache to understand and choose the best possible option.
  4. Thanks for your reply! I'd like to clarify, I wouldn't like to arguing, just trying to understand the "why". Trying to understand why not beneficial to use a controller designed for this purpose with its own chip and memory and burning resources for SW raid. All my listed options above based on the idea used the controller to manage the RAID5 array. In case if I miss the controller based HW RAID5 (or 6) -can add many datastores and vdisks to the Xpenology VM - as I understand it is not the best way -passthrough the controller - I think it could
  5. Finally I decided to install an ESXi host on the server and created VM for DSM 6.2.1 It works like a charm - also I need helping hand with the storage configuration.
  6. Hello There, My system: HP Proilant DL380e Gen8 / 2 x Intel Xeon 8 Core E5-2450L @ 1,8GHz 20MB Cache / 192GB DDR3 RAM / Intel C600 Chipset / 14 x 3,5" HDD bays / P820 RAID Controller with 1GB RAM / 4 x 1GB NIC Installed ESXi 6.5.0U3 host on a SD card. Created a HW RAID1 SAS SSD mirror for VMs. VMs so far are: -pfSense -Plex Media Server on FreeBSD (will access data via vnetwork) -Roon Server on Ubuntu Server (will access data via vnetwork) -Xpenology 6.2.1 I need a helping hand related to configuring the stora
  7. As I did not have a chance to try your advices and I would like to pick this projekt up, is there any refreshed driver pack or something what I have to consider?
  8. Thank you for your reply! I'm an absolute beginner so I'm not fully understand what should I do. My friend already created the necessary USB stick for me, how can I add this extra driver package to it? I'll solve to switch to HBA mode - already checked it
  9. Hello All, First of all, thank you all the effort what you put to this project. I bought a HP ProLiant DL380e Gen8 Server for NAS. This version can hold 14pcs of 3,5" drives and has a HP Smart Array P420 Controller. My original plan was to create a HW level Raid 5 array from 3TB disks and install the DSM on it. ...but unfortunately the DSM installer does not find the array during the installation. Is there any trick, tip or workaround to make it happen? Thank you in advance!