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  1. I was able to update mine after following flyride's post. I'm a linux newb and followed his 2nd post exactly. Update-2 worked perfectly on an existing VM. Many many thanks to armazohairge, flyride and everyone else's help!
  2. It's working great now. Thank you! 24 drives is more than enough for my needs. I have 13 drives and running two separate vms was cumbersome. I was pleasantly surprised that i was able to combine the existing shr drives from a second vm without any troubles. All of folder shares and permissions were intact. Just had to do a quick system partition repair and it was all good. To simplify in setting up for a friend that have more than 12 drives like i do, would setting the usb and esata ports as 0x0 be ok?
  3. I'm curious since I don't use any virtual usb connected drives, does it make sense to zero the usb configuration out and just have the internalportcfg value only? esataportcfg="0x0" internalportcfg="0xffffff" usbportcfg="0x0" What would be the purpose of an attached virtual usb drive for?
  4. After posting the above, I tried moving drives > 13 to SATA2:x in the VM settings. Sure enough, the drives are now shown in Storage Manager and I am able to add them a volume just like any other drive. Also, the graphic display of available drives is not like the other screens I've seen. As long as the drives are seen and can be used, I think I'm good for now. I'll continue to play around with this so more.
  5. I have the DSM VM setup (DS3615xs DSM v6.2.3-25426-Release-final) in VMWARE Workstaion 15 with mods to the synoinfo.conf file as follows: maxdisks="24" esataportcfg="0xff000" internalportcfg="0xFFFFFF" usbportcfg="0x300000" 24 disk slots are displayed within the Storage Manager overview. I added about 18 VHDs (20GB each) to my VM. The first 12 are shown in Storage Manager and can be included in a volume. The remaining VHDs are listed as ESATA Disks. I'm able to format these designated ESATA drives in File Station but what I'm looking to do is to have them populate in the Storage Manager to be used in volumes. Not sure what I'm missing to get them all populated within Storage Manager as usable drives. Thanks!
  6. For me, I used SHR instead of the typical RAIDx configurations. Anytime I need to increase the storage pool, I just add another drive to the pool. SHR is no longer a choice in the defaults. You'll need to SSH and modify the /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf file.
  7. Sorry if this is hijacking the thread but anyone that wants to move their existing VM setup to this updated setup, here's how I did mine on Workstation 15. Open and import Armazohairge's appliance. - you might want to change the processor and memory allocations of this imported VM Power it up, find it using Synology Assistant and configure just the initial setup. Shut down the VM, through the Synology shutdown process. Add your old Virtual drives to this new VM BUT make sure all of those drives are on SATA1 and not SATA0. Jun's bootloader is on SATA0. Launch the VM Go into Storage Manager and repair the System Partition that is prompted. Update the basic packages that are prompted. That's it.
  8. Great work armazohairge!! Appears there's an update 2 to the current version. Note sure if anyone else noticed but I didn't at first. The 10GB resides on SATA 1:0 while the boot is on SATA0:0. By default, in Workstation 15, adding Virtual drives is automatically assigned to SATA0. Make sure you reconfigure any additional drives to SATA1 in the ADVANCED settings of that drive. My added drives did not show up in Storage Manager until I changed them to SATA1. Again, thank you! Chuck
  9. switched to VMware workstation pro 15.5 and it's been rocking solid.
  10. Hi All, Host - i9-9900K w/64GB RAM, Win10-1803 ENT, Build 17134.1184 Virtualbox 6.1.0 r135406 Guest - DS3615XS running DSM6.2-23739 OS specified Linux 2.6/3.x/4.x (64-bit) Base mem 4096 Processor 2 Video mem 128MB Graphics controller VMSVGA All VDI are specified as SATA Bridged Network adapter is set to Intel PRO/1000MT Desktop (8254OEM) Audio disabled USB 2 controller The VM freezes every 4-5 days and requires a reboot to get it going again. I'm wondering what are the optimal VB options that you all are using for your VB environment? In the meantime, I'll check the VB logs for any anomalies. Thanks in advance! Chuck
  11. Nevermind. I got it working after a good night's sleep and reading the instructions again. Thank you!
  12. Hi All, Installed Active Backup and Active Backup for Office 365. I was able to activate Active Backup for Business but when I try to activate Active Backup for Office 365, I get the code below. {"error":{"code":102},"success":false} I checked the Installed section and it does show Active Backup for Office 365 as Running. Is the serial different for each package? Logged in as admin. Again, I didn't have any problems with Active Backup for Business. Thanks!