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Trying to Edit Grub.cnf on Installed System - DS918+ / 6.2.3-25426


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Trying to following this from other post to edit the grub.cnf from installed system (DS918+ / 6.2.3-25426) BUT getting error 

admin@your_DS:~$ sudo -i


root@your_DS:~# mkdir -p /tmp/synoboot_part0

root@your_DS:~# cd /dev

root@your_DS:/dev# mount -t vfat synoboot1 /tmp/synoboot_part0  <=== mount: special device synoboot1 does not exist

root@your_DS:/dev# ls /tmp/synoboot_part0 bzImage EFI grub info.txt

root@your_DS:/dev# cd /tmp/synoboot_part0/grub #edit drub.cfg with mc or nano


Any help is greatly appreciated!


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# cd /dev

# mount synoboot1 /tmp/synoboot_part0


Now if your synoboot doesn't exist because you need to implement FixSynoboot.sh, that's an entirely different problem.


# ls /dev/synoboot*

/dev/synoboot  /dev/synoboot1  /dev/synoboot2


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May be I am wrong but I see same error on the both DS918+ (DS918+ / 6.2.3-25426) -  and DS3617 on latest 6.2.3 - 25426.

Both are fresh installs and not sure how to go about Fixsynoboot.sh.

Thanks for your quick reply though!

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