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Use GPU Hardware transcoding in Plex on N40L?


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Noob here playing around with Xpenology for the first time, on a HP Microserver N40L with an AMD CPU. I have gotten it up and running with DSM 6.1.7, and it seems to be working just fine. But the CPU is having a hard time handling 4k video files. It is sort of working for the devices that can do direct streaming, but for other devices where transcoding is needed there's no luck.


So I was wondering if it would be possible to use hardware accelerated transcoding in the form of a supported Nvidia GPU? Like a Quadro P600 or something like it that would fit in the single slot half height PCI-E port in the N40L server. Or is that not a supported feature of DSM?


Having a hard time finding info about using a GPU, most searches are about Intel's CPU hardware transcoding, but that's not what I'm after.

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For this to work in linux, you need a hardware driver and application support.


Synology doesn't have any native support for NVIDIA, so if you wanted to use Synology's packages, you will need Intel QuickSync.


If you want to use Plex, they have some limited support for NVIDIA, but you would still need a functional hardware driver.  Jellyfin and Emby have better NVIDIA support. Regardless, I am not aware of anyone implementing the NVIDIA drivers on DSM yet.


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I know they sold that unit not to a large scale but it was there also there are some treads on this forum where the talks on the nvidia runtime package is talked about 


I have also tried it and it does work to a point that a gtx680 was seen by the system but plex wouldnt use it due to it beeing a passtrough gpu my box is vmware vm 


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