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Empty Info Center/General tab


I've seen this question asked few times in th epast, but without definite answer...

I have DSM3615 running as VM in ESXi 6.0 server. Basically it works fine, but General tab in Info Center is blank (all other tabs are populated with relevant information).

I'd link this to another problem I face with obtaiing SYNO.DSM.Info by running https://_URL_:_PORT_/webapi/entry.cgi?api=SYNO.DSM.Info&version=2&method=getinfo&_sid=_SID_ command.

I can obtain token to replace it in command above, I can run some other commands using this technic, but this particular one hangs browser indefinitely. It is quite important to me, as it seems to be used by synology integration in home assistant to obtain basic information about system and while not being able to execute it, integration cannot complete its self configuration. SInce this command returns mostly information that is also available via General tab of Info Center, I'd perhaps link these 2 problems together. Any idea?

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Well, I doo know the reason, but recently I was forced to restart my ESXi server and to my surprise General tab on info center is back :-) So strange, but it looks that there was something wrong with host... Also getting SYNO.DSM.Info now works as expected.

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