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I currently have a DS 716+ and had 1815+ which I sold.  I am keeping my DS716+ for documents sharing only now.  I have build a box with the following, equivalent specs of DS3617Xs.


Xeon W2123

Asus Mobo workstation motherboard.

2 X 10 TB and will expand to 40TB.

16GB EEC Ram.


The unit is powering up. I am really new to xpenology.   Essentially this box is  to stream mostly media 4k etc.  I am not sure if I should go with xpenology or freenas.

Do you I need download DSM for DS316Xs and where can I download it? 


I am learning from My YouTube how I should proceed but I can't work out the download link,



Thanks in advance




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Consider the FAQ and Tutorials here instead of YouTube.





Installing 6.2 is the same as installing 6.1. Download version 6.2.3 for 918+ or DS3615xs or DS3617xs PAT file from Synology per the installation tutorial.


You need loader 1.03b for DS3615xs/DS3617xs, or 1.04b for DS918+.  Use DS918+ if you want NVMe cache capability, or DS3615xs if you want RAIDF1 capability.

The only reason to use DS3617xs is that has support for more threads, but you have a 4-core CPU and so 3615 and 3617 are equivalent.



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Hope it' not too dauting for me.


I have been using synology for about 5-6 years now, so I am thinking of sticking with the GUI. The purpose of the NAS is specifically for media streaming only (not external access), so still in between minds , xpendology or Freenas.



Thank you very much.



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I run real synology and xpe boxes and 'like' the gui too, but you have to be prepared to put some effort into getting an xpe nas working.

if you like a 'simpler' gui, have you looked at openmediavault? Thats my 'next best' nas to dsm, I found freenas setup overly complicated :) you could try plex, jellyfin or ready-dlna plug ins

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SHR is the biggest determining factor for me. I did install freenas yesterday for testing but way too complicated for me, not a big fan of RAID.  It was easy for the install.  Before synology, I was using BeyondRaid Drobo since 2008, I believe. 

I am a bit confuse about the bootloader. Can I install the bootloader on a SDD, purely for the DSM OS? As pendrive do fail. 

Or the pendrive always needs to be affixed to the NAS?


This is a little project, XPE is a more difficult hack  for newbies like me,  serious effort is required. 


I have downloaded this pat DSM_RS3617xs_24922.pat 


I do not know what this one means








Thank you for the explanation.




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