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Gbit network speed


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Heres th deal...i amgetn teriblenetwork speeds on my gbit network...

In fact i am getting around 30mb/s transfers...heres my setup


Asus rt n56u router---synology nas1 (with realtek 8111) ---- gbit switch tplink--- synology nas2 (with intel nic)

Now, both synos have ssds and also raid 5 with > 6 disks which are wd red..

I hve tested file transfer speeds by monting one folder in the othe synology nas and then transfering an mkv file of mor thn 10gb...both folders were on ssds so disks should not be the bottleneck.

I amgeting the felin that realtek 8111 is slowing this down but before i buy anothe nic i wanted to ask around wht i am doing wrong or if thee are tricks in lan setup etc...the realtek driver i chnged from r8169 to r8168

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SMB Mounts from 1 box to another are pityfully slow.


to test the real speed of your boxes I suggest


Set one box as a network backup target, then have the other do a network backup to it. (eg an RSYNC)


you will probably find it will use the full bandwidth and easily saturate your network.


SMB from another box to / from your xpenology will be fine.


Just SMB from one to another is pretty sad.



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