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number of disks in dsm


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Check the maxdisks parameter in /etc/synoinfo.conf.

In my case (booting woth nanoboot 5.3.2) it was reset after each reboot, so in the end I've modified startrup script in nanoboot to set this parameter to 22 and it works as needed - I see my 22 disk slots in DSM.

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maxdisks setting is only for the display of bays in the storage manager.

And also for the amount of disks that will be mirrored (for the OS and swap partition)


you need to edit both files






to figure out what hex parameters you need you get everything recognised correctly


read my thread here



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Thanks a lot ! Stanza is right you ned to odify both files otherwise it will reset after reboot

I will work o the hex thing when the hba isinstaled in fact i have the very same card ordered in it mode...is it plug and play or is i a pain to make it work right?

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and there are no side effects changing both files with the real numbero of esata, usb, sata ports in our systems?


Hi LeaderGL,


I see from your signature you're using a AM1H-ITX Motherboard with 3 x WD30EFRX


I'm looking at a similar set-up, and what I have read is this board has only 1 x sata power port with a two way splitter. can I ask how you are powering all three drives?


Are you using something like this -> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sata-Male-to- ... 5d50fa1f2a


Many Thanks in advance.

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