3615XS 4k videostream is lagging

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Hello, I have issues streaming 4k movies to my television, but it is lagging a lot or has to load a lot.

I used xpenology to install DSM 3615xs I used the 1.03 version installer for this. the DSM is installed on a ESXI 6.7 vm on a Dell R520 with 8 cores and 160gb of RAM. everything is connected with cat6 stp and the television is a Sony 55XE9305.


before I used xpenology I used a real DS918+ from synology and that worked fine.


In my opinion everything is overpowered so it should work?


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How is the streaming actually occuring, Plex, DLNA or Video Station or what?  Your software stack is a factor here.


Did you allocate all 8 cores to your XPE VM?  You haven't described your disk layout. RAM really isn't a factor here, but 160 GB !?


Things that affect your ability to stream in real-time - transcoding or not, hardware or software transcoding, 4K output format, the network connected between your NAS and output device, and your sustained READ speed of your array.


You are not hardware transcoding with your installation. In my opinion a properly configured low-end system with a RAID5 or SHR and decent drives can stream the 20-40Mbps required for normal 4K Blu ray rips. Always avoid the necessity to transcode if possible. If you must, transcoding should be to H.264 output. There really is no reasonable hardware configuration that can output H.265 in real time, and there is no quality benefit in a transcoding situation. Regardless, if you transcode at all, there will be some startup lag.


You need to take some performance measurements of your array, your network, and evaluate how your software is functioning to determine what is not working right.

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