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help to compile driver for DSM5 - n54l


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I am trying to use my HP raid smart array card but driver is not present in the DSM5 kernel and I need to get it.

I download legqcy driver (hpsa) for kernel.org version, follow the xpenology guide here : http://xpenology.com/wiki/en/building_xpenology to get the toolchain, that I installed on an X86_64 ubuntu VM, but I am still not able to compile it. I can compile in native mode (make), buit when cross compiling, I have an execvp error when gcc is invoked.

I downloaded the bromolow compiler version for DSM.

SO far I think I did the right thing but clearly it's not the case. So if someont can help me compiling this, it would be great.



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Ok so I succeed to correctly compile my driver even if not working in DSM, I could see it taken into account in kernel after insmod.

Here is the web page that really helped me:

http://hallard.me/how-to-install-kernel ... 0-dsm-4-1/

It actually got all GPL sources and install configuration on the kernel. After this, as my driver is into the drop, a simple >>make modules compiled and did the driver.ko to give to insmod.

what you can do is following it and look for the driver into the make menuconfig. if so , activate and compile it. Ensure to take the correct version versus what you have, otherwise kernel will not accept the module.

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