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  1. I made new install on spare hdd. I have assigned new S/N and flashed new mac addresses and updated grub file. I think the problem is with shutdown script. I have returned to my previous installation - 6.0.2 update 9, used previous microSD card with dedicated bootloader for 6.0.2u9, re-flashed mac addresses and WoL works as it should. I always send WoL packet from router (Tomato) so I can see mac addresses. No chance to make mistake there.
  2. Tried on two bare metal HP G8 Microservers with no luck. Interestingly power schedules work well.
  3. Is it only me who has an issue with WoL? It's been working fine before on previous versions. Now since DSM 6.1.2-15132 and fresh install on HP Gen8 Microserver I can't wake up the thing. I have tried both images: DS3615xs and DS3617xs and latest bootloader 1.02b without success. It seems that DSM instead of properly shuting down the machine is executing some sort of sleep mode that can't be normally woken up by sending regular WoL packet. Now I can only Wake up the server by sending WoL packet when the server had power cut off.
  4. i3-3250 is good and not expensive CPU replacement for HP Microserver G8.
  5. Just updated on Gen8 Microserver from up7 to up9. I'm using Jun's v1.01 loader. Couldn't connect to DSM after the updated. Had to manually restart the server Managed to connect to DSM but DSM http and https ports have been automatically changed to default (5000 and 5001) after the update. Tried to modify ports but DSM didn't picked them up after multiple attempts. Eventually everything went back to normal after second restart. So my conclusion is that it's not all straight and forward with update 9.
  6. I meant BIOS - System ROM of the main board: J06 11/02/2015 The best practice for Gen8 Microserver is: - acquire iLO advanced license (you can get trial code from HP but it's fairly cheep on eBay so just buy it) - download latest Service Pack for ProLiant - 2016.10.0 at the moment - launch iLO Integrated Remote Console and mount SPP iso as CD-ROM/DVD virtual drive - reboot the server and boot from previously mounted SPP iso virtual drive - deploy all firmware updates Make sure that when you make changes to the Bios it's saved as user default options: Choose "System Default Options"
  7. This script is for DSM 6.0. In my case fan is spinning at 13% speed after this script has been deployed and it is more or less the same before AMS was activated. HP Gen8 microserver sense temp from multiple sensors thus activating AMS may not necessarily slow down the fan. Make sure that you have latest Bios in your server - This has resolved high speed fan speeds in most cases.
  8. 1st of all you need to be granted root permissions. Find out yourself how to do it on DSM 6.0. Copy hpilo.ko to /lib/modules and amsHelper to /sbin Open console and type: hmod +x /sbin/amsHelper Login to DSM and create user defined script so on every reboot the same command will be executed: insmod /lib/modules/hpilo.ko /sbin/amsHelper -I0 -M1,5,14,16,18,23,99 From now on Agentless Management Service should be active in ILO every time server is booted:
  9. Can you say what raid card you have in use in your N54L? Is it P410 with battery pack and 512 memory card? I assume that disk hibernation can't be executed since all drives connected to raid card have to spin permanently...???
  10. Can anyone add HP P410 RAID SAS controller? Drivers: http://goo.gl/czVJqC Thanks!
  11. I have one N40L with WHS2011 and 128GB SSD for OS and 4 x 3TB drives in RAID-5 by HP P410 controller. I have also installed modded bios to unlock full speed for ODD and eSATA. Generally I'm happy with this combo but I would like to try DSM since I heard a lot of good stories about Synology DSM. I have just ordered one N54L and before I install DSM I would like to ask you some questions: - will I be able put N54L in stand-by or hiberante it? - does WOL work? - will I be able access N54L behind the lan (can you Wake it Over Wan) - can you install Sabnzbd, couchpotato, sickbeard, headph