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usning system from usb



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I can not even wirte the pendrive, at frist attempt, i got blue screnn computer crashed...secound time I tryed to write with rufus, still failing the write procedure.
Some questions:  mac1 should be the target nas hardware ethernet port, right?

there sn part, i just generated some from ds916+ and i am using v1.03b / ds2615 found here:  https://mega.nz/#F!yQpw0YTI!DQqIzUCG2RbBtQ6YieScWg!TM4QVAob - is this correct?

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@petersonal The more precise answer: Yes, you can boot and install the OS from an USB stick,  but the OS itself will be installed on all your HDD's.

The USB stick will then only be used for booting your system, since it will have the "bootimage" that emulates the HW chosen.

(DS3615xs being the most compatible without adding extra drivers or hardware).

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