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Upgrade process?


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Clicking the upgrade button would be unwise.  You will need to burn a new boot loader, and you will need to evaluate your hardware to see what combination of loader and code to use.




Please have a backup/backout plan as it's not always straightforward depending on your system.


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I have a new poweredge R430 with 64GBs of ram and an 8 core CPU. Im going to throw ESXi on it and use that. My old instance is on Dell Optiplex. 


My question is going forward with upgrades. Will I just need to do a new boot loader with the version compatible with the latest DSM version, boot to that, then upgrade DSM within the XPEnology itself? 

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Nobody knows.  The current 1.03b and 1.04b loaders seem to work with DSM 6.2.x but any new DSM patch can (and does with surprising regularity) fail to work with them.  The community has found workarounds in most cases. That's the reason for this thread here:



Look for folks with similar hardware, virtualization, loader and DSM versions being successful before attempting any DSM update.  And seeing as you are planning to use ESXi, there really is no excuse not to have a test XPenology DSM instance to see if the upgrade fails or succeeds before committing the update to your production VM.


When Synology releases DSM 7.0, it's a virtual certainty that the current loaders will not work.  Someone will have to develop a new DSM 7.0 loader hack, and there is really no information about how long it might take or how difficult it may be.

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