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  1. So from the looks of it, theres a bug with XPEnology where you cant accept the TOS so you wont be able to login and use the QuickConnect feature? etc?
  2. So Im running XPEnology on 3rd party HW because its a lot beefier than most of the mid range synology's out there, plus I got the server HW for free. Im currenty running a "DS3615" but I have a DS118 that I have registered and a quick connect account associated with. Can I apply that serial number to my bootloader and configure XPEnology to use that so I can have the legit features that would otherwise require a full blow synology? For instance, adding additional licenses to surveillance station, access it via a URL using quick connect, etc?
  3. I have a new poweredge R430 with 64GBs of ram and an 8 core CPU. Im going to throw ESXi on it and use that. My old instance is on Dell Optiplex. My question is going forward with upgrades. Will I just need to do a new boot loader with the version compatible with the latest DSM version, boot to that, then upgrade DSM within the XPEnology itself?
  4. Im running DSM 6.1-15047 and its saying 6.2.2.xxxx is ready to update. What is the upgrade process? Do I need to re-do my boot loader? I think I read that you cant just click the upgrade now button.
  5. Yeah. Happened to me. If you boot to the GRUB menu again and do a force install it should see the drives.
  6. If my XPEnology is a "DS3615" but I have a serial number for a DS118 can I apply that serial number and be "legal" to the point where I can purchase an additional camera license? Since I have the valid license, would I be able to use the quick connect option and use a synology account to have external access to the XPEnology ?
  7. Another question, the USB thumb drive needs to stay in at all times correct?
  8. Thanks for that @jensmander. I actually got it up and running on my machine last night after watching a video about it. It was pretty slick and in short is pretty awesome. Regarding the cameras, what makes more than 2 cameras illegal?
  9. After looking into this more, maybe Im under the wrong impression. I basically just want to install DSM on a non Synology device so I can utilize the software/apps within it. Tutorial is referencing existing NAS devices and isnt clear if DSM is actually running on the device or on a USB drive itself?
  10. Appreciate the reply, but that doesnt help me. I dont know what compiled modules are. I just started looking into XPEnology..
  11. Im looking to install the latest version of DSM (probably 6.2 or 6.x, whichever works) on a Dell OptiPlex 9020. It has 16GB of RAM, a 1TB Sata drive (which I can swap for an SSD if need be) and a 4 core i7 3.6Ghz CPU. Im really just looking to use the Synology Surveillance software and if I like how its working I could move to a bigger Dell r640 or something. I'm curious if this system will work to install DSM on it and if so, which DS pat file should I select. And are there any other gotchas?