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My Hardware Setup for XPEnology


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Hello everybody:)


I have now put together my hardware parts and wanted to ask how you find the compilation and if everything is compatible for XPEnology ?


ASRock Mainboard Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac


AMD CPU Ryzen 5 2600 3.40 GHz


HyperX Predator DDR4-RAM 2666 MHz 1x 8 GB


Thank You :)

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xpenology is based on the original kernel of synology and as synology does not use amd hardware consequently there is no explicit support in the kernel

ryzen does work but you cant use hardware transcoding, thats intel quick sync exclusive

if you have the choice go with a intel setup (i don't like it either, my desktop pc is ryzen based)


also if you can choose a bigger board that has more pcie slots and mybe more sata ports (6 is often seen)

i'm using a gigabyte B360M HD3, microATX, a 8th ot 9th gen intel cpu is a good choice, maybe a "T" model with lower TDP is a option when the system is running 24/7

dont use a "F" model, you need the intel gpu part if you want to use hardware transcoding


one recipe is to stay close to the hardware of what imgae you are using, 918+ is the usual choice for new hardware (3615/17 is usually used for older hardware)


depending on what future options you might have, enough sata ports and pcie slots come in usefull like 2xsata ssd for cache or pcie slots for a 10G nic or 4/8 port sata controller

wifi is more or less not supported with dsm so you dont need it as onboard component


my1st choice would have been a 9100T but intel has massive problems with that and it dos not look like they will e able to deliver in a foreseeable future


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