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BUG? Repair system partition


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After replacing (growing) my SHR Raid from 4 x 3TB HDD's to 2 x 4TB + 2 x 3TB I got "System partition failed" in both 3tb's drives.


Theres a repair button in the storage manager, however I get a blank pop-up that says "ok" and nothing happens.


Any clue? Is there any way to repair this manually?

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as Poechi said, I replaced one, repaired, completed repair then turn off again, replaced the second one, repair.


Everything works fine but I still got that message and I cant seem to fix the system partition. No relevant message in the logs, is there any other log I should check? like in telnet or something?


I might just redo the whole setup, just have to buy a 4TB drive to backup everything.



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