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is XPEnology stable enough to use in production?


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I have a DS212J that I'm using to store important data. Recently I purchase a ReadyNAS 4200 V2 which I really like the hardware but hate Frontview.


I plan on installing DSM on the ReadyNAS and get rid of the DS212J so I only need to have one NAS.


Going to have 4 2TB drives and 2 1TB drives in the unit for now.


Need to store important family photos to it that will be backing up to a remote drive on my server and another backup to Carbonite


Will also have lots of movies on this for Plex and streaming.


Can I trust DSM on the readynas for everyday use especially for the important data. I want to be able to get everything configured and forget.

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Just keep in mind that this is not a real Synology product/device.

Since 5.0-4482 Syno add a new protection and for now no one have "break" it. (4482 and 4493 build nanoboot/gnoboot use old files from 4458)


With recent security issues and SynoLocker I will say that XPEnology is not stable for production.

You can use it at home,for pictures, streaming movies but backup your important data on a real Syno / NAS.

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