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Hi! Help with an old Dell USFF


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I'm new here. I'm a student and I was thinking of buying a cheap second hand 1-bay Synology as a backup nas, but I also have an Dell Optiplex 745 USFF here and I was wondering if I could also just use this one with XPEnology?

The specifications can be found here:

https://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/optix/en/opti_745techspecs.pdf (last column)

I read I could use a Q6600, so I could put that one in because I have one laying around somewhere.


I've also found these topics:

The normal Optiplex 745 is mentioned here


Where @Hostilian mentioned the 745 

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the cpu would be no problem, the original ds 3615xs came with 4GB but might work with less

look if you can set sata to ahci in bios, if its ahci then a recent 6.1/6.2 install seems possible

safe would be to try 5.2 or 6.0 (6.0 still has all the sata/pata drivers the 6.1/6.2 is lacking)


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I'm trying to follow this guide, but I need a mac adres that is coupled with the serial number?


The link to the generator is faulty so I used this one: https://xpenogen.github.io/serial_generator/index.html

But I still need a mac adres that is coupled to this serial number? ( serched for it but couldn't find one that also makes a mac address. Only one that states it doesn't work for XPEnology and one where I have to download a file from a sketchy site)


edit: or is the mac address just the real mac address of the computer?


edit2: I think I should just use the real MAC address of the computer. But I can't test it because the computer won't connect to this network (it's a protected network) so I'll try to do this at home later.

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for just hte nas base the only usb vid/pid is to set

mac, and san can be used later in the grub.cfg and are used for special things like quickconnect, some plugins or codec licensing

so no need for now

you usually use the real mac if our nic to get WOL working, but thats optional if you dint need wol or want to use it later, just for testing its not important

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