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Exceeding 1gbit transfer speed between VM's?


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How are your guys network setup for your Xpenology to your other VM's or even your esxi host?

I've been using esxi's E1000e since VMXNET 3 doesen't work on 6.2.2, but i sure miss faster filetransfers than 1gbit.


In my search to be able to transfer files faster than 112MB/s to a windows VM i'm primarily using, i tried passing through a 10gbit NIC (Intel X550) and it was detected by xpenology just fine at first boot.

I passed another 10gbit NIC to my Windows server VM and was able to transfer files with ~4gbit between the two VM's.


This setup however requires me linking a networkcable from one NIC directly to the other since i don't have any 10g switch.


Windows VM: 1x 1gbit Intel i350 NIC passed trough for internet/LAN network. 1x 10gbit NIC passed through - networkcable connected directly to Xpenology VM assigned 10gbit NIC.

Xpenology VM: 1x esxi E1000e for general internet/LAN network. 1x 10gbit NIC passed trough connected directly to Windows VM's assigned 10gbit NIC.


Are there any other solutions than the above (Besides buying a 10g switch) ?

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