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Upgrade DSM on Synology Hardware


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Hello Everyone,


This is my first post, I just found this community and I'm excited to know I may be able to upgrade my Synology NAS to a newer version.


I have a Synology RS409 running DSM 4.2-3259.  This unit no longer has any updates from Synology and I was hoping to give it a refresh to a newer version of DSM.

I searched around the forums and I couldn't find any instructions on upgrading DSM on official hardware.


The main reason I wanted to upgrade is to be able to create a volume bigger than 16TB, I have 4 x 8TB archive drives and I would like to create a Raid5 array which would be approximately a 24TB volume RAW.  I'm hoping the newer DSM will allow me to upgrade but if this wont work then I can live with DSM 4.2.


Has anyone accomplished this and how were you able to do it.  I suspect just downloading a newer PAT file and manually upgrading using a version that is built for another device will not work.

I don't have any data to backup and I can reset the unit as needed.





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RS409 has an ARM processor, XPEnology only is able to enable the use of Intel-based code.  The 16TB limitation is associated with the 32-bit address space of your processor.


You've gotten your money's worth out of that hardware.  Build a new system using XPEnology and enjoy vastly better performance than what you get out of that ancient Marvell CPU.

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