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5th disc missing


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hello all,


Maybe somebody can help me with the following :



i have an issue after switching to the gnoboot edition , i decided to start clean with a new volume.


The setup as i used with trantor's version worked as a charm (dsm 5 - 4418 beta)


Now it can only see 4 out of the 5 disks


My hardware setup :


Asrock FM2A88X-ITX

4gb ddr3

1* 2tb seagate

2* WD2000 ezrx

2* WD2000 earx


Any ideas how to let the 5th drive show up , it is shown in the bios.


Kind regards

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I think it's not the same problem between the N54L bios and my FM2A88X bios,


For the N54L the problem was, that the BIOS has turned the SATA IDE Combined Mode for the 5th drive to enabled. In this case, you see the 5th in the bootscreen upper the SATA drives as an IDE drive. It has to be disabled, than you see the drive as an additional SATA drive.

Do you have similar settings in your FM2A88X?

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YES it works !

The 5th disc is in DSM Now !


Thanks tosh123 !!!!!


In Bios/Storage Config :



- AMD AHCI BIOS ROM -> Enabled

- SATA IDE COMBINED MODE -> Disabled !!!!!!!


Thanks All Again.


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