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    DSM 5.2 is available

    i can confirm that downgrading is not possible...
  2. greyvision

    5th disc missing

    hello all, Maybe somebody can help me with the following : i have an issue after switching to the gnoboot edition , i decided to start clean with a new volume. The setup as i used with trantor's version worked as a charm (dsm 5 - 4418 beta) Now it can only see 4 out of the 5 disks My hardware setup : Asrock FM2A88X-ITX 4gb ddr3 1* 2tb seagate 2* WD2000 ezrx 2* WD2000 earx Any ideas how to let the 5th drive show up , it is shown in the bios. Kind regards
  3. greyvision

    Mainboard change

    hello techies, for the moment i have a setup dsm 5.0 beta working with following hardware : asrock e350m1 with 4gb memory 4*2tb wd green since the e350m1 had only 4 sata ports and will want to add few disks in the near future i bought a fm2a88x -itx with a a4-4000 cpu is this mainboard/cpu supported by nic/sata drivers included in dsm v5.0 beta? thank you in advance joerie