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[HELP] - dsm5 - erratic network performance


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I've just installed the dsm5 beta xpenology.


When copying/moving files between the xpenology install and my standard synology 412+ I get really erratic performance. speed goes up and down. mostly down.

I am running raid5 on both boxes and both have 4x3Tb disks.


Same if I mount the xpenology as network drive on my windows PC.

Browsing to the drive and opening a video file for instance.. is almost impossible ... it hangs and hangs and hangs..


I've tried the xpenology before and had no issues..


I had the same result on the newest 4.3 from xpenology.


Any ideas?

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it seems to be the read speed of the harddrives.

it ranges from 30kb/s to 15mb/s sometimes higher..

If I start a copy of many/larger files it will start in the mb/s then drop to kb/s then eventually.. after around 10-30mins.. the xpenology box will die and I can no longer get in contact with it without turning off the main power for the server and back on again.

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Just for information, what's your CPU ?


I got the same problem (slow speed with SHR) and it was due to the fact that my CPU wasn't powerfull enough.


You could check via system monitor your CPU load during file copy. If your CPU is over 85/90% load, there's the problem.

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Hi Nox


CPU I can't even remember.. but it sits around 1% utilized. .. :-|


right now I am transferring data (1.2Tb) between the xpenology and my Synology 412+.

this is via asus ac66u and gigabit..

screenshot shows utilization and speed (speed is when it drops)



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