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Passtrough Controller does not show 1st drive


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Hello folks


I'm so happy that I found this  Xpenology project. So nice to have this on my ESXi.

Thanks to all tutorials, I was able to setup successfully this :

- ESXI 6.0U2 on DELL 410

- Xpenology 3615xs VM with DSM 6.2 

- Passing trough the Perc 6/iR card as device to the VM (Surprised that this works at all :) )


There is just a little problem: Only drive 2,3 and 4 from the Perc are recognized in the Xpenology. They are displayed in Storage Manager as Disk3, 4, and 5..

I thought that maybe Disk2 (this is the 32Gb virtual disk attached while installation) is in conflict with the first drive of the Perc Controller. So I tried to put it from SATA 1:0 to 1:4.

After reboot it now appears as Disk6, but the first drive of the Perc is still not visible.


After reading some valuable posts here, I think it can maybe solved with  DiskIdxMap/SasIdxMap/SataPortMap stuff in the grub, but I have no clue about the relation and what to set.


Can someone give me a hint?



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Finally, I could make it run with this line in grub.cfg:


set sata_args='sata_uid=1 sata_pcislot=5 synoboot_satadom=1 DiskIdxMap=0C05 SataPortMap=1 SasIdxMap=0'


So the boot drive on controller 0 is invisible (OC = 12 = out of scope) , the first virtual drive on the second controller 1 with volume1 and all the modules is DISK6 (05), and all Perc 6/iR drives are passed through and named DISK1 to 4 in the right order.


Thanks to this information: https://gugucomputing.wordpress.com/2018/11/11/experiment-on-sata_args-in-grub-cfg/



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Hi, I'm really confused about this too. Did you make any progress figuring it out? For me, this line doesn't make sense in the docs from https://github.com/evolver56k/xpenology/blob/master/synoconfigs/Kconfig.devices



Add boot argument DiskIdxMap to modify disk name sequence. Each

two characters define the start disk index of the sata host. This

argument is a hex string and is related with SataPortMap.

For example, DiskIdxMap=030600 means the disk name of the first

host start from sdd, the second host start from sdq, and the third

host start sda.

To me, that means the first would be sdd, correct, but why is the second one sdq? Isn't 06 in Hex just 6, which would make it sdg? or is sdq a typo?


Basically, my situation is I have a 2 port and 4 port onboard sata, but I added an 8 port pcie sata card. So now my SataPortMap=248. I want the 8 port card to be disks 1-8,s so I'm assuming my DiskIdxMap should be  080A00? Or am I understanding it wrong?


And what about sata_pcislot, does that matter?

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What does your VM settings look like?  Here's mine with a 4 port SATA adapter and a USB controller passed through...


Note: Hard disk 2 is a vmdk on my main data store which is an SSD, I did this so that Plex metadata is on the fastest available drive.  



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