Migrate xpenology to N40l

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I just purchased a N40l off ebay, sold my other machine as it was a 100w tdp and got tired of the usage since it was strictly a NAS.


Old machine was an Athlon running DSM 6.1.7 update 3.


Can I take the USB stick and the 3 drives from my old machine and simply plug them into the N40l and have it boot properly?


I plan on installing my 4 port Intel nic (e1000e) that was in the old machine into the N40l as well.


Thanks in advance.


Also, any gains going to 6.2?


I use surveillance station and backup software only.








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You might want to "invest" in making a new USB stick, if you want to edit the MAC address(es) to reflect your real MAC address(es).

Are your current setup based on 3615? That seems to be the "best" version for the G7 series.


With the e1000e NIC, you will be able to use the 6.2.x, but then you should disable the internal NIC, to avoid shutdown problems among other things.

Is there any real need/gain with the 6.2? Hard to tell, as it still comes security updates to the 6.1

It might become needed further down the road, depending of the packages in use.


2 of my boxes, N54L, only beeing used as plain media storage (NFS shares), are still running DSM 5.2-5967 with the recent Update 9.

And I see no need to update them for the time being.


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Thanks, current setup is based off 3615xs, I didn't change the mac on the current one. I have another USB drive and can make a new one.

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Just for anyone curious.  I moved the USB key over to my N40l plugged in the disks and everything worked seamlessly.  Easiest transition I have ever done.

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