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  1. Still shows as raid 1. The disk size is right for raid 1.
  2. I am using the 3615xs boot loader and its working fine but I want to try and migrate to 918 with 1.04b boot loader if possible. Has anyone attempted this yet? Jun's Loader v1.04b DS918+ | 20.9 MB | MD5 = 5a5303a154d907b4adf99dfd201769e4!Cd5RTCCL!VeQkSwEjTG0USuBi4qvJlsyAwRUhC9-o8Zvna5QH2aM
  3. Does the license have to match the DS3615xs build or can I use a legit Serial/Mac from another machine like a DS216+ or DS1515+?
  4. I own hik cameras and their software. The Major downside Is That The File Format Is Proprietary... I switched to syno surviellence because it's ease of use and native mp4 format.
  5. You need to go into the Southbridge setup within the bios and disable the ide section. This will enable the 5th drive.
  6. Ever figure this out? I would love to be able to record from more cameras using SS using legit licenses.
  7. Just for anyone curious. I moved the USB key over to my N40l plugged in the disks and everything worked seamlessly. Easiest transition I have ever done.
  8. I wanted to report that this little box rocks. I am running DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3 with 6 physical disks, a 4 port intel Nic and the onboard Nic. They all seem to work great! The machine has 4gb of DDR ECC memory in it currently. I tried two 8gb DDR ECC memory sticks and it wouldn't boot. For simple file sharing and video surveillance 4gb seems to do the job just fine. I have a total of 9TB of usable disk using raid 5. Thanks for the software and the great forum!
  9. Disregard, I used a Dremel and cut down the bracket. 4 port Intel card working!
  10. Can someone please link a network card from ebay that will work with Xpenology on my N40l. I bought a 4 port card but it doesn't work as its a normal profile card and it looks like I need a low profile card. 1 port or 2 port card would be fine.
  12. Thanks, current setup is based off 3615xs, I didn't change the mac on the current one. I have another USB drive and can make a new one.
  13. I just purchased a N40l off ebay, sold my other machine as it was a 100w tdp and got tired of the usage since it was strictly a NAS. Old machine was an Athlon running DSM 6.1.7 update 3. Can I take the USB stick and the 3 drives from my old machine and simply plug them into the N40l and have it boot properly? I plan on installing my 4 port Intel nic (e1000e) that was in the old machine into the N40l as well. Thanks in advance. Also, any gains going to 6.2? I use surveillance station and backup software only.
  14. Your best bet would be to use a mATX board in lga 1155. Plenty of decent processors at 25w and 35w tdp. No idea if this board is supported, but it's mATX and 1155 with 6 sata. Here is a cpu to pair with it for $11. Or a Xeon at 20w.