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  1. I am using four 3TB Seagate Constellation Drives in a raid 10 array on my N40L. I am testing this over iscsi and a 10Gb network. I know my N40L is limited to SATA2 speeds and wondering if that's setting me back a bit.
  2. You are using onboard lan. That NIC is not supported. You either need to buy an intel nic or install 6.1
  3. Also wanted to let people know if you use "steam" or anything else that requires a "local disk" for installing applications/games just use the iscsi target on your NAS and the iscsi initiator on your windows box. I connected a 1TB iscsi drive for Games so I could install my game library within steam. Seems to be working well! I can finally get all these games off my local box and on my NAS! You can also setup iscsi target to allow multiple people to use the same target which could be beneficial if you have multiple people wanting to play games... You would want to create a seperate folder
  4. Got everything setup. No complaints with speeds!
  5. Decided to just add a few more drives to my NAS since 3TB drives can be had fairly cheap and then plan to go raid 10 for fast read/writes. I don't need a ton of space and 6TB will be plenty for my use. Thanks again for those that responded.
  6. Agreed. I guess I should have stated more or less what I was intended my use for etc. I am not looking for ballz to the wall performance. 200MB/sec would be fine for what I do. Basically going to have a game share on NAS for computers using 1gb links for steam download repository, office installs blah blah. I will then have clients back up to NAS via 1gb ethernet links. Looking more for overhead and that's why I was thinking going 10Gb since multiple clients will access the same device and I don't want to peg the NIC on 1Gb at 100% at times. Then I wil
  7. Thanks, I am very familiar with 10gb, LAG etc. I use it at work, I just didn't know what DSM specifically supported or people had tried and found worked. I have a bunch of SFP+/QSFP stuff at work along with a bunch of spare managed switches. I will look through our retired hardware and see what I can find. I may end up using SFP+ transcievers over fiber since we have tons of those laying around. Thanks again for the assistance!
  8. Last question. Does DSM support LAG? Couldn't one just buy a single 4 port 1gb NIC and LAG within DSM and get roughly 4Gb?
  9. 400-500Mbps would be fine. I plan to go 10g in the future and use the switch below eventually. The card I listed, is it supported by DSM 6.1? To test/start I would use a DAC cable and the network cards for now. So something like this below? QSFP suppoorts 40gb, where SFP+ only supports 10GB. So for around $50 I could run 40gbe with QFSP? Does DSM support Mellanox XConnect-2 thats QSFP? Network Card (2), one for my NAS and one for my PC.
  10. Curious if anyone was running SSD's in their NAS yet and if so any ideas on read/writes? With the longevity of SSD I am contemplating using 4 1tb SSD's in raid 0 and storing all my games there for speed. I get i will not have any redundancy, but not a big deal as I can just re-download. I am mainly wanting to store all my games on a fast Raid NAS array and then access them using my 1gb ethernet adapter. Basically I would map Z: to \\NAS01\Games Anyone done this yet or doing this with spindle drives?
  11. Figured it out. I disabled C1E within bios and all is working now.
  12. I bought another N40L and I can't seem to get 3615xs installed and working. I did the PID/VID serial and mac. It boots and all looks ok via monitor but never shows up on the network. I downloaded an old 3612xs build and when I boot to that image I can see it almost immediately when it boots so I know network card is good and different version works etc. I just do not have a good .pat file for 3612xs to get synology installed that route. Any ideas why 3615xs would boot and not be seen via network? I am using stock bios and DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b (M
  13. I am using the 3615xs boot loader and its working fine but I want to try and migrate to 918 with 1.04b boot loader if possible. Has anyone attempted this yet? Jun's Loader v1.04b DS918+ | 20.9 MB | MD5 = 5a5303a154d907b4adf99dfd201769e4!Cd5RTCCL!VeQkSwEjTG0USuBi4qvJlsyAwRUhC9-o8Zvna5QH2aM