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HP ProLiant MicroServer G7 N54L


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Hi all,


Does auto on and WOL work on the N54L? also what about hd spin down?

I want to buy one of these machines but just want a heads up of what don't work.

Should I upgrade the ram? Or is 2Gb fine?


I don't intend to use a modded bios, just a direct install.





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I've recently install xpenology on a N54L (making use of the recent £100 cashback deals).


Auto-on - doesn't work (my workaround would be to set lots of timed-startup events, perhaps one for each hour, timed-startup does work :smile: )

WOL - does work (not from cold though, if you've started the box and then shut it down with the power still connected then WOL will work, if you apply power to the box but don't start it up then WOL won't work; so basically the NIC needs to have been initialised)

HDD spin down - does work

I've stuck with the default 2Gb RAM and it's fine, showing minimal memory usage so far.


I'm on the stock BIOS also, I did update it to the latest available HP version though.

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