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  1. On my N54L I can do WOL and timed power down and without resetting the bios.
  2. I got the button but my download fails? its accepted, any ideas?
  3. Before the new update I can't say I saw this problem, but yesterday I noticed I could not access my shared folders via windows. If I disable windows files service and reenable in dsm it works again. Anyone know the name of the process so I can look out for it in future and is anyone else having this problem.
  4. I don't understand, when I right click I only get the connect option in the assistant. EDIT : Note to self.. read the thread correctly.. doh.
  5. I got my N54lL on Wednesday only cost £115 uk pounds new. I could not build a machine cheaper myself. It's running gnoboot and DSM 5 auto startup causes my bios to reset, haven't tried WOL. As my server remains on. Running the latest HP BIOS. dunno if I will try the modded bios.
  6. Thanks Andy, That's perfect, Going to buy one on Monday. What sort of read writes do you get?
  7. Hi all, Does auto on and WOL work on the N54L? also what about hd spin down? I want to buy one of these machines but just want a heads up of what don't work. Should I upgrade the ram? Or is 2Gb fine? I don't intend to use a modded bios, just a direct install. Thanks
  8. Thanks guys, In the end I tired a asus mb I have and thankfully it works . Yay.. Now just got to see how well it works.
  9. Hi everyone, I have searched and found others with the same problem as me. my MB used to run Win 7 and had no problems with the hardware. I thought I'd give XPEnology a go and everything went to plan, or so I thought. My bios keeps getting a checksum error. at first I thought battery and replaced it. but the problem is still present. I have booted in to other Linux os's and rebooted and the bios would not show a error but as soon as I go in to XPEnology and shutdown and later restart I get the checksum error. auto on is not on and nor is WOL, I did read on this forum that a timer