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ESXi and Etherchannel / LACP - Vcenter


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Unfrotunately, I have an HP Switch, which doesnt support Etherchannel.. So it doesnt seem like i can get Port aggregation to work with Standalone ESXi..


LACP apparenty is an option with Vcenter - in a distributed switch - but I really would prefer to keep it standalone and there's not much point in a distributed switch when there's only one host..

IF I did add it to a separate Datacenter in VCenter? Would LACP still work if the VCenter server was not running?


I would like proper LACP/Etherchannel, rather than just adding multiple physical NICs to the vswitch, because it's much, much, much better..


Any workarounds? Maybe command line?


Many thanks!



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OK.. Some info for those that want to set up Etherchannel or Trunking between ESXi and an HP (or cisco) switch..

Not strictly Synology related - but I'm looking to host at least 2 syno boxes in ESXi, possibly 3, so need the throughput!


It's all very well just adding a few uplinks to the vSwitch but you simply don't get the desired throughput until you set this up (tested by copying files to 2 separate vSyno servers from two separate computers).. Without link aggregation you get approximately  113/2 MB/s per computer.. WITH link aggregation/etherchannel, you get 110 each..

Oh and (in DSM) 'Adaptive Load Balancing' as a Bond Method is next to useless (apart from redundancy)..


HP Switch<>ESXi

Set up a TRUNK (using the GUI) with the switchports you're using. Just go into the configuration of each port and change it from 'access' to 'trunk', there isn't a separate section for Trunking..

Don't use LACP as it won't work with Standalone ESXi.




cisco Switch<>ESXi

Set up an etherchannel port group containing the switchports you want..




ESXi config..

vSwitch - Route based on IP hash for the NIC teaming, with notify switches set to Yes..

VMNetwork - take settings from vSwitch..


Hope this helps,



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