updating a 4.2 server... questions

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I was told that I formed my last post badly.  I will attempt to ask the question another way.


I have a 4.2 server I am attempting to upgrade to at least v5.


I currently keep the Compact Flash drive in the computer because I am thinking it is needed to boot the system. Is  this true?


Does the OS reside on each of the drives in my array?


If I created a new compact flash drive with the new OS, will it see the older volume?


The array is managed by the controller not the OS.


Model Name: DSM3612xs
Current DSM Version: DSM 4.2-3211
DSM date: 2013/04/16


System Specs:

FM2 motherboard

Athlon A6 CPU

8 gigs DDR 3 RAM

Vantec 6-Port SATA II 150 PCI Host Card with RAID 

3 Terabyte RAID 6 4 disk

64g compac flash

Standard VGA



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Some A's to your Q's: (if I'm wrong, someone else jump in and correct it).


1 - Yes, your device with a bootloader (either it's USB or CF) is needed every time you boot the computer, so leave it in.

2 - Yes, each drive will have at least 3 partitions: System, Swap, and Data, the first 2 are identical on all the drives.

3 - The new bootloader will see your current config, and let you know that you have "Moved your disks from a 3612xs to a 3615xs" and tell you that you can do a migration.

    You can select to only migrate your data, and reset all setting, or migrate all.

4 - The tricky one ... not sure if your controller managed array will work this way, as the most common way to do this with DSM is to let the OS (if it has the drivers) do the raid work.


Before you do anyting, make sure you have backup of all important files.

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