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    Teaming Network ports

    mervincm Thank very much for your reply I understood about 80% of what you said and that is enough for me to go on I can figure out the rest But you definitely helped me figure this out.
  2. remy

    Teaming Network ports

    Hello all, The good news, I have successfully installed this on an AMD dual core CPU w/ 8gig ram. And its running on a 4 gig Compact Flash. The no really bad but not good news either. While I have been getting things setup properly, I have run into a few issues I would like to get the collective groups idea on: * Is it possible to do teaming on network cards with two ports. I see that they are both active, but how do I determine that they are teaming or not. The card does not present a pre boot option. * I think I understand that I cannot get QuickConnect to work because these are unsanctioned machines that cannot register with Synology. But are there other options to host a Could service on the OS? Otherwise, it seems to be pretty good sofar. I have not had it running that long but so far so good. But would like to get those two items figured out. Thanks in advance for any help.