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  1. So how are things working out for you? I have the same problem. I am going to order the same unit you did. Please update when you get a moment. Thanks Remy
  2. I did search for this topic and it was a mixed bag, so I apologize in advanced if this has been ask/answered. I am currently running a new (to me) DSM 6.1 build (15047). My hardware is: FM2 motherboard Athlon A6 CPU 8 gigs DDR 3 RAM I/O Crest 4 Port SATA III Controller Card Marvell 9215 Non-Raid SI-PEX40064 4x 3 Terabyte in RAID 6 16g Corsair USB flash Standard VGA I am wanting to install a couple of TV Tuners for a PLEX install. I have on hand 2x AVerMedia A188 HD Duet - Dual ATSC PCI-E TV Tuner Am I needing t
  3. Mig, What Tuner card are you using and more importantly, did you need and if so how did you install drivers for your cards. Not finding a lot of information on this. Thanks
  4. Olegin, Thank you for replying to this thread. I did not mention my hardware because I did not think it mattered. But regardless, my hardware info is below and thanks again for the reply. DSM Info: DS3615xs Current DSM version: DSM 6.1-15047 DSM date: 2017/02/23 System Specs: FM2 motherboard Athlon A6 CPU 8 gigs DDR 3 RAM *Vantec 6-Port SATA II 150 PCI Host Card with RAID* 3 Terabyte RAID 6 4 disk 64g compac flash Standard VGA
  5. Have you had any luck?
  6. Hey nemesis, thanks for the offer. I have since took the dive and updated to 6.1. My issue now is finding a way to use my current RAID controller or find one that is already included in the 6.1 build. Either works for me. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.
  7. I was able to watch this video and was able to get 6.1 installed and it migrated my 4.2 files and configuration. I had the same issue as you with it freezing due to not having the correct synoboot. But once I figured that out. I was able to get it done in less than 20 minutes. That including the migrating of files. Now I just need to figure out how to get my original RAID drive to be seen. I know its a driver issue. Just not sure where to go from here.
  8. What is the next build after 4.3? Is it 5?
  9. I first want to apologize if this issue has been addressed. I searched this forum but did not find anything on this subject. If there is a thread on this, please kindly post it I will start my research there. I am using a home built unit (custom PC with RAID 5, 4 disk) with the software noted below. It was installed using an USB drive. Does the USB drive need to be installed at all times? Or is it just needed for the install? I have never removed it to test. When attempting to upgrade (even within the same version, like from 4.2-3211 to 4.2-3827) it fails either in error or in
  10. I am hoping to revive this topic. I never did get any assistance last time. I am back in the mode now of trying yet again to get some answers. Any assistance would be appreciated. I think I can create another disk with 4.2 on it and boot it up instead of the 4.2 disk, but not sure. The attached pic is of the error that I keep getting regardless of how I attempt the upgrade. Model Name: DSM3612xs Current DSM Version: DSM 4.2-3211 DSM date: 2013/04/16 System Specs: FM2 motherboard Athlon A6 CPU 8 gigs DDR 3 RAM Vantec 6
  11. Bearcat, THANKS! This is great information!
  12. Hello From Platte City, MO! Built my first (and only) server in 2013 using 4.2 Learning a lot from the many post here
  13. I was told that I formed my last post badly. I will attempt to ask the question another way. I have a 4.2 server I am attempting to upgrade to at least v5. I currently keep the Compact Flash drive in the computer because I am thinking it is needed to boot the system. Is this true? Does the OS reside on each of the drives in my array? If I created a new compact flash drive with the new OS, will it see the older volume? The array is managed by the controller not the OS. Model Name: DSM3612xs Current DSM Version: DSM 4.2-
  14. System Specs: FM2 motherboard Athlon A6 CPU 8 gigs DDR 3 RAM Vantec 6-Port SATA II 150 PCI Host Card with RAID 3 Terabyte RAID 6 4 disk 64g compac flash Standard VGA