constant Smart temp read errors in var/messages how to eliminate

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in my var/messages log I get constant /var/messages sk: SmartDataRead(108) disk_temperature_get.c:75 read value error read errors.  anyway to disable these errors or checking?  I don't need smart 

monitoring as I do it at the esxi level.  under synoinfo.conf it has two values of interest.  one is smartsupport=yes and another is showdisktemperature=yes.  I'm curious if changing either one of those or both to no would stop the logging, but I am hesitant to do it.  Any ideas?  below is another thread in the archive but no solution was found.


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here is another, at boot, I'll reconfigure syslog-ng to drop thoses error messages :


b='\033[34m' # setaf 4
y='\033[33m' # setaf 3
g='\033[32m' # setaf 2
r='\033[31m' # setaf 1
w='\033[m' # sgr0
tab=${tab:-$(printf '\t')}
ws="[ ${tab}]"
foo() { file=$1; tag=$1; echo -n "${tag} ..."; }
bar() { eval "$@" && echo -e " ${b}updated${w}" || echo -e " ${r}failure${w}"; }
foobar() {
        foo "$1"
        if eval "$2"; then
                echo -e " ${g}success${w}"
                eval "$3"
                bar "${4:-$2}"

case $(/bin/uname -u) in *cedarview*) ;; *) # xpenology
foobar  /etc/syslog-ng/patterndb.d/smart.conf \
        '[ -f "${file}" ]' \
        'cat > "${file}"; restart=1' << EOF
filter f_smart_failed { (program("synostoraged") or program("sk") or program("SystemInfo.cgi")) and match("^(disk|[Ss]mart).*[Ff]ail" value("MESSAGE")) };
foobar  /etc/syslog-ng/patterndb.d/include/not2msg/smart \
        '[ -f "${file}" ]' \
        'cat > "${file}"; restart=1' << EOF
and not filter(f_smart_failed)
[ ${restart} = 1 ] && killall -1 syslog-ng


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