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DSM 6.1 makes Router Crash (reset)



Hi everyone!


Recently I updated from 5.2 to 6.1 (6.1.5 at the moment). I've been using XPEnology on DSM 5.2 for about a year and a half. The update went fine, except that now I have a strange problem. When I use any of the services, the router crashes and restarts.

This happens with Plex, Transmission, and Nextcloud (Docker). There is no problem until any of these services are used intensively. For example I can leave transmission running without problems until I add a torrent, which in around 30 seconds make the router crash. Same for Plex and Nextcloud. This could mean that the router cannot handle too many connection, or that probably there are some packets that are bounced back and fort between router and server, overloading the network.


I tried to understand what was happening using tcpdump, but I was not able to find much. In 3 minutes, tcpdump logged about 800'000 packets. I don't actually know if this i normal or too much. I could post a link for the tcpdump, if anyone has more experience with this than I have.


The router is not faulty, since I already made my internet provider replace it for a new one. Same problem as before. The router is a personalized version (UPC Switzerland) of the Touchstone TG2492. 


I've been having this problem for about two weeks now and before trying to reinstall everything from scratches I wanted to the community. Also because I have no idea where to put the 7TB of data that I have on the NAS.


Thank you!

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Hi Andyn33 

i had a similar problem with UPC always the modem was restartet Ubee and i was also intended this is the server restarts the Modem/router but this was not the case !

the Modem has Restart and the router was going down!


since i have Asus Router Ac87 and as modem Connect Box 500mbit i have never such issue.

you could also try change the internal IP range from the DHCP to en other range as example 192.168.0 and not 192.168.1 because the modem is running on 



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