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Kernel Panic when transfering a lot of files

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Hi Guys,


I help my neighbour managing his NAS and it was running FreeNAS but with several issues with it and the difficulty of the interface i wanted to install XPEnology.


I did successfully install it and have it up and running, but now comes the issue.


When i transfer the backup data to the XPEnology it crashes with a kernel panic, when i leave it running without doing anything it runs for hours stable!


It's still Verifying hard disks in the background though.




Jun's loader 1.02b - DS3615xs

DSM 6.1.5-15254 - also tried: 15217

3x 3TB in RAID 5 and BTRFS






What can the issue be and how to debug this further, can it be related to BTRFS?




With kind regards,





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i'd start checking ram and for heat problems, if its a simple disk error you would not see a kernel panic (only maybe when its just one disk, but there are 3 so the dsm system has a raid1 over 3 disks and its unlike all 3 going down at the same time)

boot up a linux and in boot menu choose memtest, next wold be a test that using cpu, but i dont expect heat problems with the cpu they have thermal throttling, more something chipset or power related (like the regulators or psu) also check for blown capacitators on the board, its not a new hardware


btw. open media vault also has a nice gui

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