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HA Package / Disk's Numbers


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Hi guys.

I've got problems trying to setup HA Package.


I'm trying to configure 2 exactly the same machines (Dell Poweredge 1950 with PERC 5/i integrated SAS/SATA daughtercard controller with 2 SATA Seagate ES 750 GB hard drives).

Instalation of 4.3 Beta 5 HBA (SAS/SCSI) was seamless (great work guys !!!) but on each machine I've got different discs numbers.

On the first one, numbers are 3 and 4




And on the second one, 5 and 6




As You can see, these disks are exactly the same (size and amount) but at the end of configuration I've got this info



I think that these disk's numbers are to blame :/

Could anyone help me with that issue?


BIOS setup (both machines) Internal SATA - Off

RAID setup (both machines) 2 drives SATA


No other disks, except usb flash drive are connected.

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I tried for a few days to get HA working.... Seems to be relying on a serial port driven lcd at the end...


So even when the drive numbering issue is fixed.... I still think it's not going to work Synology style.


Tho the pieces are all there to maybe manually get it up and going as per a linux HA setup

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