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  1. Think they might be from here. ... &sk=t&sd=a not confirmed though
  2. Hi Gerbenz I can see you created the upload but where did you get the files? Thanks
  3. Here ... B001JD8J8M
  4. Thanks again sbh Can you confirm if this was the version downloaded from google docs or the version downloaded from asus web storage? Thanks essper
  5. Great work odie82544 Looking forward to giving this version a try. You really do help alot of people
  6. Thanks sbh Looks like the asus is proper down now
  7. Hi Andy928 Thanks for the sharing of this and the creation of the wiki. Could really do with some help if you have a little spare time - I would like to try and combine the NIC drivers in the RS3413xs 3211 kernel with the DS3612xs 3202 kernel. Could you give me a couple of pointers - maybe step by step Mucho thanko Essper
  8. Is anyone aware of alternate download link? Tried two days running to get the modified version from the asuswebstorage link with it maxing the download limit within minutes Thanks
  9. I think it it a great achievement to get this install up and running, no matter if there is a massive need for it or not. If you are pulling support is there any way of loading additional NIC drivers into the Synology DS3612xs - DSM 4.2 build 3202 install? This install works fine on my setup but the Synology DS3612xs - DSM 4.2 build 3202 does not detect in SA.
  10. Hmmmm strange, will try it on my build. There is a list on the first page but my card is not listed so must have just got lucky with compatibility
  11. 1) think you may be able to use the pause/break key but don't quote me on that. 2) does not really matter if you have the controller the kernel requires it will use it. From your description it sounds like your network card is not supported as your device does not show in SA
  12. There is a release of 3211 for x86, otherwise I don't think so: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=800 Fonix232 is correct if you ain't got a 64bit CPU then when booting the Linux kernel you will get an error requesting a x64 processor.
  13. Big thanks to odie82544 for the work you put into this release Quick question - anybody else experiencing problems running synocommunity apps (CPS/SB) python based apps on this release or is it just my install. Tried twice with different disks