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  1. uzje probival, ne rabotala vserovno Plus, yestli i srabotalabi, chto ostonavlivayet nastayashego vladeltsa eto kombinatsii skazat chto etot lisens kod ego, a patom ya v pralote bobla
  2. zanet li kto kak mozjno ispolzivat' nastoyashiy lisense cod na xpenology SS? y menya yest' na 8 kamer cod i hotelbi ispolzivat ego na novayu versiu SS no on ne rabotayet iz za mac/sn kombinatsii
  3. Yes, I did that before installation. Model + SN + Mac = WORKS SN + MAC + DIFFERENT MODEL THAN THE SN/MAC BELONG TO = DOES NOT WORK
  4. I have already tried this in the past. Did not work. Used REAL combo SN/MAC but different model and it did not work. Give it a shot on your end, maybe it will, but from my experience it did not.
  5. Same here. I've tried the same last week with no luck. If you take a 3615xs SN / MAC from a real physical box and put it on the XPEnology 3615xs, then it might work, but if the models dont match up, it wont work apparently.
  6. elitef

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Tried changing the SN / MAC to reflect a real syno that I have 1813 but apparently the system checks somehow that the model 3617 is not correct for the 1815 SN / MAC combo, so cannot log in online, quick connect, or verify surveillance station serial # Does anyone have any ideas/recommendations on getting this to work?
  7. elitef

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    This seems to have worked! Thank you VERY much. I have done SATA in VMwW as well as when setting up the initial VM in QNAP, so both are set to SATA and it is now working. Now to figure out how to get the Surveillance Station to work with a license pack that I have because I end up getting a message that the the connection failed when it tries to reach out to the backend server or something.
  8. elitef

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Yes, I have done that already which is what I mentioned in my last post. I used the instructions from this youtube Video This worked for 6.1.7, but does NOT work for 6.2. I get stuck at the bootloader message to use find.synology.com but it is not discoverable on the network through the website or Synology Assistant.
  9. elitef

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Funny enough, I saw your video yesterday. Your video shows 6.0.2 version which I've gotten to work just fine, as well as all the way up to 6.1.7. It is the 6.2 that I am having issues with. I've created the OVF file in VMwW but I have yet to be able to get it to work on the QNAP because it loads/boots to the screen where it says to use the find.synology.com but my SynoAssistant isnt finding it. When I did the same exact thing using the USB method by BootyTrap on youtube, I was able to create the USB fine, connected it to the QNAP, booted the VM with USB being the primary boot option and it worked just fine. I just do not want to use a USB in order to run it since it is within the QNAP. It is as if the 6.2 loader somehow requires something different in VMwW in terms of configuration compared to the older version for 6.1.7.
  10. elitef

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    So, I've been testing out the loader for the past few hours and I cannot seem to get it to work the way I need it to. I am running XPEnology on a QNAP device. the 6.1.7 DSM installs perfectly fine with the older bootloader but I cannot get past the "find.synology.com" message on the 6.2 loader. It never actually activates for me to go through the installation of the DSM and SynoAssist never finds it. I then tried to use the same exact loader by using a USB stick and booting the VM in QNAP to go through the USB stick and it works perfectly fine there and I was able to install it successfully. Does anyone have ANY clues at all how I can get it to work WITHOUT the USB stick and just using the VM in QNAP with a created file from VMWARE Workstation?
  11. So I found something where you can change the MAC/SN but it is required to do so before installation. I have already installed. Is there a way to get this changed after it has already been installed or will I need to reinstall because the instructions mentioned the use of a USB stick which I did not use since I am installing this on a QNAP machine. I do have a Syno system as well and would also like to know if I can just use the MAC of that machine (DS1817+), but not sure how to change the SN either way.
  12. Has anyone been able to figure this out? I have a camera license since I have a few IP Cams and 2 licenses that come with the DS3617 Xpenology isnt enough. I purchased an additional license and want to use it, but when I try to add it, it states "Connection failed. Please check your network settings"
  13. I am trying to stick with 6.1.7 since I was not able to install 6.2. I am running Surveillance Station but when I attempt to add a license pack number, I get a message "Connection failed. Please check your network settings" I am able to download apps from the App Center and they download just fine, so clearly there is an internet connection. Does anyone know why this may be happening?
  14. elitef

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Can anyone please advise on this.