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  1. I have VMM installed and I can created VM's without an issue but the Windows servers take a dhcp from the router and I can see them on there but I am unable to ping them. Physical server I can ping expnology and router but not the VM. VM I can ping the expnology server itself but not the router. I have used these before when I had a baremetal install but since trying with esxi 6.5 > expnology I have this wierd network issue. Can anyone else who is using VMM successfully show me there openswitch configs and ip a. I want to see if there is an issue with the networ
  2. I have this board too and 1.03b doesn't show anything. Did you manage to resolve the issues as I am struggling to work out what is stopping it.
  3. I am trying to upgrade to using 1.03b even tried the extra files but not getting any network connection to the server. Its not even showing any disc activity either from the raid car. This is set to IT mode and pass through. It is the following motherboard so it should work without an issues. Intel Desktop Board DQ77KB Both Intel Nics
  4. I only upgraded the loader but I understand I probably should have given more detail that it was only the loader I did. Is there anyway of me doing any tests to help verify why this specific loader doesn't work. As the 1.02 does on the same DSM version. As the loader page suggests it should work with both 6.1 and 6.2 for 1.03b. I would like to help with any debugs if it helps others in same situation. I really like DSM and really want to stay rather than migrate to another OS but I found another post about 6.2.1and no offcial pci drivers. Maybe I can last out with 6.1
  5. I am currently on 6.1.5 and I was going to upgrade once I had rebooted with that new loader. As I don't want to upgrade then find a massive problem.
  6. I am not using the 1.04b I am using the following which is supposed to work for 6.2. I got this from under links to loaders. I try doing searches in the topic but can't seem to get catch anything that I query. Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3617xs 
  7. I have tried using the following loader synoboot_3617 but when the system boot its goes to the main menu as usual but it never boot the discs to load the os. When I insert the ofitinal 1.02b is boot straight up. Any ideas on what the issue is. Could drivers for this card no longer be on this version? I am using an IBM SAS controller card with custom firmware which does a direct pass through of the discs.
  8. Hi, Anyone tried updating to Version : 5.2-5592. Can the boot image work with this or will we have to wait for an update.
  9. Thanks for updating the link going to give it a whirl now.
  10. Just been to look at site and they are saying there is a 5.2 boot image I know you guys where testing it a few days ago but I have not seen any posts saying its been release. Or am I being stupid and can't see the link somewhere.
  11. Hi, I have upgraded to the latest version DSM 5.1-5055 but getting issues with really slow transfer speed. Has anyone else having this issue with this update. Its taking 48 mins to transfer 170mb via samba. I never had issues previously and i would maybe want to try and down grade to see if that fixes the issue but I dont know how to do this.
  12. I get the following when trying to expanded with the failure. When I try again the system gives the following message with the interface saying its hanging. Here is the output from mdstat which shows its not even started the expansion
  13. I am getting the exactly the same issue. Cannot expand any volumes using synology SHR, is this a bug in xpenology or in DSM software itself. I have trashed my openelec system I was running using mhddfs to be using this with parity and come this close and to then find a glaring problem with removing and installing new drives and expanding them. I was hoping to create a spare volume to transfer data to and then copy the data across to the main disk group volume and add the last drive in. But if I can't do this its put a real show stopper on this as I was having a great time with the ease of use