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  1. Hi, Anyone tried updating to Version : 5.2-5592. Can the boot image work with this or will we have to wait for an update.
  2. forcefullpower

    5.2 XPEnology Boot Image?

    Thanks for updating the link going to give it a whirl now.
  3. forcefullpower

    5.2 XPEnology Boot Image?

    Just been to look at site and they are saying there is a 5.2 boot image I know you guys where testing it a few days ago but I have not seen any posts saying its been release. Or am I being stupid and can't see the link somewhere.
  4. forcefullpower

    DSM 5.1-5055 - Slow Transfer Speed or Disk?

    Hi, I have upgraded to the latest version DSM 5.1-5055 but getting issues with really slow transfer speed. Has anyone else having this issue with this update. Its taking 48 mins to transfer 170mb via samba. I never had issues previously and i would maybe want to try and down grade to see if that fixes the issue but I dont know how to do this.
  5. I get the following when trying to expanded with the failure. When I try again the system gives the following message with the interface saying its hanging. Here is the output from mdstat which shows its not even started the expansion
  6. I am getting the exactly the same issue. Cannot expand any volumes using synology SHR, is this a bug in xpenology or in DSM software itself. I have trashed my openelec system I was running using mhddfs to be using this with parity and come this close and to then find a glaring problem with removing and installing new drives and expanding them. I was hoping to create a spare volume to transfer data to and then copy the data across to the main disk group volume and add the last drive in. But if I can't do this its put a real show stopper on this as I was having a great time with the ease of use this software has.