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  1. I suggest asrock q1900 or q2900 itx version.. they are popular among here and should get support easier.. ^^..currently, l am using q2900 itx and very happy with it. Btw, it seems some folks encountered system freeze problem when copy data to and from these models.. but it doesn't happened to me..
  2. Folks, actually the Q2900 usb problem is raised by me ……"^^. Today I checked the BIOS setting and enabled an option related to Intel tech... then the USBs can be found then.. thanks for remind.
  3. Try another browser, l had this problem in chrome before, but okay with dolphin. May be some thing is not supported in chrome.
  4. Mine version is DSM 5.0 4528 update 2, which is latest stable version...as I know.. so, it seems better to upgrade the dsm...
  5. Did you check the disk health? Sound like a disk problem too, may change disk to try.. I am using q2900 with 4x3T and latest xpen and BIOS, copied around 3T data without any problem.
  6. I finally wiped out all partitions in the old 212J 3T disks and the nanaboot could boot with the new q2900 3T disks then. The old disks are shown as disk1 and disk2 and new disks are disk3 and disk4 in DSM..I created a vol2 with the old disks and performing data scrubbing now.. If there is any others way to fix this, please also let me know (i.e. cfg nano boot). thanks!
  7. Dear folks, Do anyone know how to select a boot disk in nano boot? I have set up a Q2900 XPEnology (DSM 5.0-4458 Update 2) with 2x3T disks in SATA3 ports and copied all my old 212J also with 2 x 3T disk data to the box. Then, I tried to move the 212J disks to the Q2900 SATAT2 ports, however, I found that the nano boot booted the DSM with the old disks and asked for a migration installation ... so, anyone know how to make nanoboot to start with the SATA3 port disks? or I need to clean the old 212J disks before plugging into the Q2900? btw, fyi, the Q2900 USB port doesn't work with 5.0-4458 Update 2... Thanks in advance! Henry