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  1. Thanks for the update. I'll try using OpenVPN instead.
  2. I fixed it by creating a bridged adapter but there's a general network settings area in Virtual Box that also needs looking at (separate to the network settings for the VM).
  3. Anyone know why I'm unable to connect to my Xpenology VPN server? I have the latest version of Xpenology installed as a VM within Virtual Box on my parents Windows 10 PC. I've got a port forward set up on port 1723 to my Xpenology VM. Just keep getting an error saying The remote connection was denied because the username or password combo you provided is not recognized or the selectedf authentication protocol is not permitted on the remote access server. Any ideas?
  4. I'm trying to install Xpenology onto Virtual Box but having some trouble with getting the Synology Assistant to find the box. Tried my best to follow the guide posted on here but still unable to get the Assistant to find it. I've got to the stage where I boot the Xpenology VM, but then can't get any further. I've tried to bridge my LAN connection with my Virtual Box adapter but still no luck. I got as far as it getting given an IP address which I was able to ping from my PC but couldn't get any further. Anyone come across this before?
  5. Guys, I've just updated to DSM 5.1 5055.1 from an older Nanoboot version but then got a message pop up saying that my network adapter is running at 100Mbps but is capable of 1Gbps. Is there a quick way of finding out what speed my DSM box is running at? I copied a test file (700MB) to my local PC on my LAN and Windows tells me it's copying at 11MB a second. Is that correct or should it be more??
  6. It works with Dolphin browser! Thanks guys.
  7. Tried on port 5001 with https but same problem. I've tried in Firefox, Safari & Chrome. All have the same problem. I'll try with Dolphin browser and report back.
  8. Guys please see the screenshot below. That's as far as I can get when trying to sign into my DSM via my mobile or my iPad. I've tested it in Android and also in iOS. Any ideas?
  9. Found the fix! After looking at the Resource Monitor, I noticed that it was using WiFi to transfer the files over instead of the physical network connection. Disabled the WiFi and write speeds have jumped to 60MB/s.
  10. Guys, After updating from 4418 to 4528, my write speeds seem to be limited to 3MB/s. It will not go over this at all and has become a pain to transfer large content! None of my network settings have changed prior to this issue as it only occurred after I updated to 4528. My network adapter is 1GBps Full Duplex 1500 MTU and write cache is enabled within Volume Manager. Unsure what else I could check! Anyone else experiencing this issue??
  11. Now fixed. For some reason, my router had lost it's port forwarding to the Synology box. Started working shortly after adding this back into it's forwarding table.
  12. Guys, I've just updated to DSM 5.0 4528 today and everything seems to be working perfectly apart from my SFTP connection. It works perfectly from my internal network but not when connecting externally. No other settings have changed at all. I've tried disabling the firewall but still no luck.
  13. I've managed to upgrade to this version directly from 5.0 4418 and everything seems to be working really well. My built in WiFi adapter now works too which didn't before. The built in bluetooth adapter still doesn't work though. EDIT: This was using the boot image.
  14. Guys, If I upgrade my server (spec in sig) to Nanoboot, will I lose all my shares, share permissions, firewall settings, apps, etc??