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  1. Poechi has left the XPEnoboot Team some time ago. At the last time of contact there were no legal claims against him. He simply felt that the risk of hosting his site, files, etc and the level of enjoyment he was getting out of the project no longer made sense. He made great contributions while he was with us and there is always an open seat for him on the team. We wish him well in whatever endeavors he is involved with now.
  2. Jman420

    QNAP QTS Port?

    mmmMMMmmm.... nope! And we have no plans on developing one.
  3. Lol, ok. That makes way more sense. In that case I would recommend doing incremental upgrades like AllGamer suggested; 4.2 -> 4.3 and so on. I doubt you will need to install the minor revisions in between, but updating incrementally on the minor and then major versions is probably a good idea.
  4. I dont think I've ever seen a question like this before. Are you running XPEnology on Synology hardware, like a real Synology box? I might be missing something here, but why wouldn't you run full Syno DSM if you have the hardware to do it? I don't have any answers for you (unfortunately), but I'm intrigued to know why someone would use XPEnology when Syno DSM is usable.
  5. This is really only an option for Synology. The XPEnology Dev Team will NEVER consider taking XPEnoboot commercial, it simply poses far too many legal issues which we are pushing already with the free versions.
  6. Ipkg feeds have not been updated in years. There is another package service which has more up to date packages. There should be a post floating around somewhere.
  7. NO! You do not want automatic updates enabled. You will need to wait until updates are approved by the community or dev team before installing. In some cases you will need to update the XPEnoboot bootloader before or after updating.
  8. Not sure how easy that is. We would need to patch that away. might be doable, would need to check with vortex; he's our patch guy.
  9. Release turn-around for previous major releases of DSM's source code have usually been around a month or so after the binary release. We are usually pretty quick to patch and add our pieces once it gets released, but I don't want to set any expectations for how long it will take us to get an XPEnoboot release ready after the DSM source code is released. We will work as hard as we can to get DSM6 to you guys as soon as we can.
  10. Thats where I get my Plex packages from. You will probably need to adjust the security settings in Package Manager to allow you to install self or un-signed packages (forget which of those Plex falls under).
  11. In the past donations have been split between (or at least available to) all XPEnoboot Team Members. Some of us have opted out of collecting (or cashing in) donations and passed our shares to the other team members instead. Donations are nice (and getting free beers even more so), but that isn't the driving force behind the project. In fact I'm not really sure what the driving force is... I expect we all have our own motivations. When Poechi ran his site all of the donations that went there were split between the team, but now that we have disconnected distribution locations its harder to consolidate donations and unfortunately we (as the XPEnoboot Team) have not put together a central site for the project (partially due to avoiding Synology & partially due to laziness). Unfortunately I've lost track of who operates what websites, so I can't give a suggestion for where to donate to ensure the XPEnoboot Team gets it. Maybe another Team Member has more details. Edit: Thanks for the support and asking how best to support us. We love hearing from the community and seeing you guys help each other and enjoy our work. Until we have solid donation system setup my suggestion is to pay us back by 'paying it forward'; support us by helping the next guy with questions.
  12. I just recently bought a DS415+ for my personal server (fully syno box). Its been running DSM 6 since I got it about 2 weeks ago and has been hosting my Plex Server the entire time. The Plex App on the Package Manager doesn't seem to get updated very regularly, but the install packages on the plex.tv site are always up to date (need to do manual install) and the Plex Clients usually give you a notification saying the server is out of date.
  13. FORUM ADMINS --> Please close this thread. Keeping this discussion open is helping no one and all points have been made.
  14. Quite frankly, as a member of the XPEnoboot Team I take offense to this. As I explained our hands are tied. We can not release until Synology releases their open source tools & packages. If you are 'tired of waiting for new releases' then replace your XPEno boxes with Syno ones.
  15. Since everyone seems to be holding their breath for XPEnoboot with DSM 6 support, I want to remind everyone that the XPEnoboot team relies on Synology releasing the open source portions of DSM and the toolchains required to compile it. None of this has been released yet and we can not make a release without them. So for those of you holding your breath for a new release, maybe take a breather every now and then. (Short version: we don't know when Synology will release the DSM 6 source code, so we can't give an estimate as to when a new XPEnoboot version will be ready).
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