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  1. Please describe your error as precisely as possible! Then it's easier to help!
  2. but it works, it's just a little more work, go to page 141 and read what buggy25200 wrote!
  3. Yes it works without any Problems, the Solution did you find here buggy25200 information!
  4. As of today, the DS3617xs can no longer be installed. After the installation of the DS3617xs pat file, the computer reboots but then has the status recoverable. The creation of the loader went through without problems and error message (dpkg error came none) Yesterday everything worked perfectly on the same device! Can anyone confirm?
  5. in fact you can't really have read much, because a few pages earlier there was an approach / guide on how to create the DS3617xs loader! and yes it works...
  6. @pocopico the flexibility and the speed with which the loader is built is awesome, thanks for the great job!
  7. @buggy25200 how do you build the DS3617xs loader?, for a first test I modified the redpill-helper-v0.12 and added your branch and after broadwell-6.2.4-25556 under opt / redpill-load / config / DS3617xs / 6.2.4-25556 / i customized the config.json. When building, however, it gets out without no error message, see appendix ... root@rp-helper:/opt# make build_all make[1]: Entering directory '/opt/redpill-lkm' make -C /opt/kernel-broadwell-6.2.4-25556 M=/opt/redpill-lkm RP_MODULE_TARGET="dev" RP_MODULE_TARGET_VER="6" modules make[2]: Entering directory '/opt/kernel-broadwell-6.2.
  8. @pocopico went faster than I thought....attached the desired logs and some pictures, I cannot establish a network connection with vmxnet3! log.txt
  9. please give me 1 day, I am currently reinstalling my ESXI server
  10. @pocopico only vmxnet3, otherwise none, if I set vmxnet3 in ESXI 7_U2 in the network settings I don't get a network connection after start from DSM 3615
  11. @vikikang If I add the vmxnet3.ko kernel module, for example, it can be found under custom.gz/exts...... but it is still not loaded when starting ... have you checked this place? The default rp.ko can be found a custom/usr/lib/modules/
  12. Even if I really would like that TTG to give us a sign of itself again, that will probably not happen imho (unfortunately) If you can provide instructions, I try to help you with it, but that should happen in a separate thread and also create a thread for problems that will arise ..... This thread should be cleaned and only serve for devs, but that would have to be added in red and large in the first post by a moderator, because most of the first post persons should still read ... The far greater problem, however, will be to find someone who can and wants to continue the great work of TTG !!
  13. the same as for me, thanks for the tip it works, only with Baremetal it no longer works either ...
  14. How does it go on with RP if TTG no longer reports. then the project dies .......or someone can continue it?? I hope the guys are fine and they'll be back soon