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  1. is ok/ safe to update the apps in the package center? ive done a search but cant see anywhere saying not to
  2. hmm i dont know its not something ive thought about, this is all fairly new to me, ive got a couple of raspberry pi's knocking about not doing anything and thought id try the pi gateway if its not going to be too hard to set up. do you have pfsense set up on a raspberry pi gadreel?
  3. im thinking of setting up a vpn gateway using a raspberry pi and wireguard vpn set up on the Pi, whats the thoughts on having this as my vpn setup rather than setting up the vpn on the nas?
  4. i went through Polanskiman excellent tutorial and everything worked first time, thank you for that after logging out i couldnt log in again, i was trying for ages with http://[yourdomain] or 5001 and https://[yourdomain] or 5001, ive opend my ports from 5000 to 5001, as in the tutorial i uninstalled and reinstalled DS file from my mobile but that didnt do anything i eventually tried [yourdomain] with no http:// or https:// and no port number at the end it signs in straight away, if i go back and sign i
  5. in that tutorial it has Change mac1=0011322CA785 to mac1=[your NIC MAC address #1]. is that the mac of my pc or of the NAS? also the USB with the loader i assume i remove this once its setup it dosent need to be left in the NAS? thanks
  6. Hello all ive retrieved my old n40l from the loft where its sat for about 5 years, i lost my mobile about 6 months ago with nearly 2 years of pics not backed up on it! so determined to get my n40l up and running as a nas, where best to start? ive read on here while just looking for info that i might or might not need to up date my NIC? my N40l is fairly stock, i changed/ added the sound card a few years back to give me s/pdif, and i will be ordering a couple of seagate ironwolf 4tb hdds probably tomorrow i would like the latest stable version of xpenology.
  7. hi all , just dug out an old hp proliant n40l gen7 from the loft, its got to have been up there 5 years doing nothing, time to make use of it