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  1. Thanks for replay. 1) kernel settings - solution How I can set "Kernel parameters" in GRUB.CFG on Synology? I do not see "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT" in GRUB.CFG... ?! (this is how Kernel parameters is set on Ubuntu using grub...) 2) more exotic - solution (one that I will prefere) do you have example of grub.cfg with "4th entry"? (btw I do not care for "no restart from webgui")
  2. Hi, just to Just to confirm that I did install it and it works! (although I have another problem with shutdown: Xpenology restart after shutdown and turning off. In few second computer starts again but as IG-88 already stated: this is another problem). My configuration is: Jun Mod v.1.03b DS3615xs, Baremetal DMS: DSM 6.2.3-25426 HW: Lenovo IdeaCentre D400
  3. I tryo to shutdown from ssh with "poweroff --verbose" and there is no more information in log file. It is the same
  4. I just check /var/log/dmesg and I found something VERY interesting! I will post part of log with my comment ">>>": [Mon Nov 16 14:26:59 2020] iSCSI:target_core_lunbackup.c:361:init_io_buffer_head 512 buffers allocated, total 2097152 bytes successfully [Mon Nov 16 14:27:01 2020] iSCSI:target_core_file.c:146:fd_attach_hba RODSP plugin for fileio is enabled. [Mon Nov 16 14:27:01 2020] iSCSI:target_core_file.c:153:fd_attach_hba ODX Token Manager is enabled. [Mon Nov 16 14:27:01 2020] iSCSI:target_core_multi_file.c:91:fd_attach_hba RODSP plugin for multif
  5. I have the same problem. Jun 1.03b loader DSM 6.2.3-25426 Hardware: Lenovo Ideacentre D400 (it is CPU Intel Atom 230 / 1.6 GHz · Chipset Type Intel 945GC Express) --- Same problem: after Shutdown Lenovo did turn off but after few seconds it turns on! There is no USB peripherials (no mouse or keyboard) I even try to pull out LAN cable after Shutdown command to be sure that it did not turn on because of WakeOnLan In BIOS I set: "Turn off" on "Power failure" I do not see any unusual in "Log centre" but information are s