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  1. @jumkey I wanted to ask about the shutdown extension. I was wondering if you could move it to a separate repo like THG does it. I mean it doesn't matter in the end but i guess that way it would be more discoverable. Thanks again for your work.
  2. I wanted to ask, has ayone got a working compiled poweroff module for DSM 6.2.3? Currently AHCI shutdown does not work and so you have to manually get into the dashboard for starting DSM shutdown. If someone has one i wouldn't mind helping in packaging it into a REDPill mod.
  3. Hello @ThorGroup I'm trying to run redpill for 6.2.3-25556 on proxmox. Thank you for your work so far, the virtio network drivers are working perfectly and i've been able to connect to the DSM. I was wondering if it's not yet supported using the virtio block/virtio SCSI drivers for speeding up disk access. I suppose sata emulation would be fine for normal HDDs but for running an Nvme SSD cache it's going to be a bottleneck. I know it's definetely not a must-be-done-now kinda issue for the beta release but would it be possible to add support for these kin
  4. I think the remperatures readings are correct wich means i'll need some better cooling. Thanks for the help. I guess this solves the problem, it also explains why it would cleanly shutdown after a bit.
  5. So there's something new that i wasn't here the first time it happened. From the storage pool log: "Disk overheat: Disk [Cache device 1] had reached 70°C, shutdown system now." This would really seem the culprit right?. It doesn't make sense for the drive for getting this hot though. I'll prod in the case a bit maybe it really is getting this hot, but it shouldn't it is a well ventilated case. Could it be that nas is ready the temperatures invalid?
  6. I've removed the cache and then updated for being safe. The update went fine. I've recreated the cache again (i didn't seem to need to reinstall the nvme patch as i could already select the drives in the storage manager). Aaaaaand the moment i enabled the option after like 5 minutes it shutdown again. I'm not sure reinstalling will solve anything, as i've never used SSH for anything other than interacting with docker and installing the patch. If you think it's going to help i'll try. Any other log file you think i could check?
  7. It's been a while since i did the install so i don't rememeber. Is there a way i can check wich one it is currently installed? In the system settings > update: it says DS918+ DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2.
  8. I've just realized i've posted this in the wrong section, can someone please move it to the proper place? Thanks. Sorry for this problem.
  9. Hello. I'm currently running baremetal DSM and it's working great. Here's some details about my setup: Baremetal install DSM Ver 6.2.3-25426 Jun's v1.04 loader extra.lzma nvme patch Since i wanted to have better performance when working with the nas i've decided to add a read-write cache using 2 nvme drives. Both drives are properly detected and i can create and attach said cache to the drive pool just fine and the system is stable. I wanted to also then enable the "sequential IO" option so that large file transfers hit the NVM